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I know you have always wanted to have a close up of a gorgeous top model, seeing her every perfect body detail.In this latest one from free smoking-models videos you get to see beautiful model Sarah topples, flashing her sexy round boobs, lighting a cigarette and making you loose your mind. She loves to play with the smoke, wrapping her hot body in it, letting it roll down her boobs, her hips and then reaching to her tight pussy. Have a look at smokingmodels and see what hot stands for.Enjoy one more nice and fresh update with a sizzling hot babe getting wild and naughty for your viewing pleasure today.

Sarah likes to smoke a cigar no matter what she does, and this afternoon she was getting ready to go out. Of course you get to see her starting off nude as she dresses up, and of course she lights one up while she does it. After she took on her cute floral panties she started to apply her make up while still smoking her cigar. See her playing around topless with her cute and perky tits in full view as she puts on her make up and decides what she wants to wear to her nice outing for tonight. We hope that you enjoyed your stay as always and do check out the previous updates for more smoking hot babes that smoke! If you liked this cutie click here and watch other stunning chicks getting naked in front of the cam!


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Jenna & Dannii smoking video

Check out this two hot top babes, playing with one another in the most erotical way, in the latest one from free smoking-models videos. In this fresh lesbian encounter scene we have two gorgeous babes ready to to play with one another, touching their hot bodies, playing with their hot sexy boobs, making themselves feel good and moan for some more. They reach for some other places which makes them feel good, and before they knew it they were felling good, as they were playing with one another clit and moaning with deep sexual pleasure. Have a look at smokingmodels gallery and enjoy the two babes and their scene today.


Well smoking tricks isn’t the only thing that Dannii gets to learn today. her blonde friend also teaches her some self pleasing tricks as well. As the babes smoked and discussed what they were about to do in this video, you can see them wearing some super sexy and hot outfits as well. And when they are done, you can see them undressing slowly and sexy as they want their bodies to be admired every second. Sit back and watch them taking their spots on the couch as they also spread open their long sexy legs to start pleasing each other’s pussies in this nice and hot gallery today. We will see you next week with another video!

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Smoking Models – Marlboro reds & white pantyhose

Marlboro is one hot smoking body who loves to tease to play at More undressed than dressed, wearing a long pair of white stocks and a colorful underwear, she  playfully lights up a cigarette and does she what she does best. She loves to play with her body, feeling her hot sexy  boobs, toying with her nipples, until they are hard and pointy, just the way we love it here at smokingmodels. Then as things heat up, she reaches for her pussy, and starts teasing you up, playing with her clit, making herself feel good, and you  sweat  and get harder and harder. Have a look at smoking-models videos and see what sexy really stands for. This vixen just got out of the bad and she’s with a cigarette in he hand – in you like freakish things take a look at sleep creep and their large collection of teens getting freaky in bad.

Well anyway, let’s just sit back and watch this superb short haired babe as she has her time with teasing you while wearing her super sexy outfit and playing with her perky and playful tits. You have seen this superb babe before in our updates and today she wanted to make a comeback as she had some more teasing planned for you guys today. Watch closely and see her getting semi nude and enjoy her playing with her tits as she smoked like we said earlier. We know you will adore her and we will be seeing you next week as always.


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Carla Coxx hot smokey sex

Have a look at this hot model, as she is riding a cock and playing with your dirty mind, in this latest one from smoking-models videos. The fuck of the night starts when her toy boy enters the room and he has no time for silly foreplay, and so he makes sure he gets the ride of his life as this hot babe is riding the shit out of him in this great lingerie sex update. Seeing her on top of him, having the perfect view of her hot sexy boobs, as they bounce up and down. Have a look at smokingmodels as they both reach a screamed orgasm. Enjoy this scene and let’s watch the superb blonde ride some serious cock today.


Well this sexy mature blonde porn star wanted to have that cunt slammed quite hard for the afternoon and she had to do something about it. She managed to score herself a nice and attractive stud for the evening and you can rest assured that she would be giving his nice and big cock a hard ride this afternoon. Sit back and watch as she takes off her panties and has him lying on the floor while she takes her spot on top of him. And you get to see her perky and playful tits bouncing up and down as the babe rides that man meat hard style today everyone as she also moans in pleasure. Have fun and see you next time!

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SmokingModels – pure seduction smoking

I know you will be turned on by this hot sexy ass model, which you can see and admire in this latest one from smokingmodels videos. She loves to play with the smoke, making all kinds of shape in the air, using her dirty mouth and sexy tongue for the shapes. Enjoy as today you get to see another sexy and cute babe smoking and showing off her simply superb and sexy body to you guys and the cameras today as she smokes a cigar. And as always we know that you will love this cutie as well today.

Her name is Becky Holt, and this curly haired beauty is packing a smoking hot body that any guy and woman alike desires. She is here to show it off and so make sure that you see each and every image in this nice gallery of hers today. We know that you will have fun with her taking off that sexy dress to show you her sexy and sizzling hot black lingerie and if you watch until the end you get to see the babe showing off a little bit more. Again this is one babe that even we couldn’t have enough of and most likely you will be getting to see her again in the future once more. Have fun with her scene and see you guys next week! IF you liked this cutie check out blog and watch other stunning chicks getting naked in front of the cam!


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Smoking-Models Sian

What better way to make the time pass by on a late lazy sunday after noon, that to put on some sexy black lingerie and shoot the latest one for smoking-models Sian. You definitely should watch this great lingerie striptease update just because she loves to touch her tight body, feeling her hot sexy boobs, playing with her nipples and then reaching for her tight cunt here at Make sure you get a close up as you check her up and have a night of your own while having fun admiring those lusty and luscious curves that this horny and cute blonde packs under her sexy clothes. Well let’s see her in action.

As another fresh week started off there was no way we would be skipping on bringing you this superb blonde along with her scene. It’s just too good and she’s too sexy as well. Sit back and take some time to enjoy a truly classy and sexy babe as she starts to have her fun lighting up a cigar and taking her time to tease you while she lays back on her beanie chair. Watch her teasing and enticing you with her simply delicious body curves today and see her striking some naughty and sensual poses just for you as she lays back today. We know that you will enjoy her little update and rest assured that we will bring her back in a future update!

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Jenna and Dannii smokey kisses and smoke swapping

Hot lesbi  girlfriends having a night of their own, just in time for the latest one for free smoking-models videos. These hot wdgirls love to feel their hot lips pressing against one another, gently licking them with their wet hot tongues. Have a look and see for your self this hot sexy show. Anyway, for this afternoon we wanted to bring to you something special and here we are with two smoking babes that are smoking both literally and in regards to their hot bodies. Well anyway, let’s not wait any longer and just see the two babes in action as we bet that you also want to see them play today.

Jenna and Dannii just love to have lesbian fun and you get to see each and every detail of their little scene for today’s nice and sexy gallery. Sit back and watch the babes engage in a nice and hot kissing session as they smoke and watch the clouds go up as they kiss passionately today. We know you will enjoy this superb and sexy scene and rest assured that we will be having more and more superb galleries just like this one for you guys to see in the future. Until then just have fun with these two smoking hot babes having lesbian fun and do come back next week for fresh and hot content as always guys!


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SmokingModels – Sophie L smoking Marlboro

We all know Sophie loves a good shoot, and in this latest one from smokingmodels she loves to put on a cloud of smoke around her and poses topless and kind of but naked, but sexy and turned on as hell. Cause it did not take her long to start touching herself, making herself feel more than good at Have a look as she is reaching for her boobs an then her tight pussy and then when the hot fun fun really begins. Well anyway, you get to see one more superb babe who is looking just like the chicks from upskirt times galleries as she takes her time to pose and show off her body to you and we think that you will just adore the scene, so let’s see her in action.


Now as you can probably guess, sexy miss Sophie is a true man killer. She just adores having some fun any day of the week and she was more than happy to pose for the cameras today. Sit back and watch this busty cute babe as she starts by lighting one up and starting to strip by removing her top first and foremost today. Enjoy watching her as she plays with her wonderful and round tits just for you and then see her taking her spot on the couch playing with herself for some more time today. We bet that you will just adore her and we will have more sexy babes all ready for you to see next week guys and gals.

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Smoking Models – Jenna smokes Marlboro reds

Check out this hot sexy model at and see this gorgeous model, in her tight black bra, making her sexy round boobs seem like small mountains which you and i both know would like to climb and conquer. Have a look, enjoy and beg for some more or check out jb video website and enjoy watching other sexy chicks getting naked for you! So today just sit back and enjoy this sexy and sizzling hot brunette as she takes the time to undress for you and show off her simply delicious and sexy curves. We know that you won’t be disappointed so let’s get her show started today shall we?

The cameras start to roll, and the first thing that you get to see is this superb and sexy babe as she lights up a smoke while she also starts to take off her sexy outfit just for you guys today. You get to watch her posing around in her superbly hot and sexy lingerie outfit and she makes sure that you get a good look from every angle at her superb and sexy body today without fail. Watch this cutie expose her body and see her smoking her cigar today and enjoy. We will be back next week as always with some more amazing and hot scenes guys. See you then and have fun with the update!


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Smoking Models – smoking blowjob

Smoking was never so much fun than in this latest smoking-models videos where one hot chocolate babe has no mercy on a man’s toy, as she reaches to lick and suck his large hard dick. She loves to feel that sausage getting bigger and bigger in her mouth and she does not stop, until she feels the taste of salty creamy cum filling her up like in emo porn videos. Take a look at smokingmodels and see what a good fellatio is all about. Enjoy as so sweat all by yourself and see this ebony babe as she gets around to suck and slurp on some nice and big hard cock today just fro your viewing pleasure.


As you can see, miss Scarlett is a hard core woman and she loves her sex the same way. Sit back and watch this babe as she sucks and slurps on a nice and big cock with a passion for this guy’s entertainment today. Sit back and watch the sizzling hot babe as she gets to suck and slurp on that nice and fine piece of man meat with her juicy lips and see her sucking it like we said. And of course by the end of it you get to see the babe fucking the guy hard as well today. We hope that you’ll enjoy it and we will be seeing you guys next week with some more nice and fresh scenes everyone. Bye bye and have fun with her scene!

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